There’s no two ways about it; this will be the least exciting thing you’ll read today. 

If there’s a way to make IT managed services exciting, then we can’t think of it. But that’s okay, because the opposite of exciting is predictable. It’s reliable. It’s something that happens so effortlessly in the background that you could almost forget it’s there. And that’s what our managed services deliver – a solid, smooth, dependable backdrop of boring yet business-critical components that allow you and your team to focus on doing what you do best. Monitoring, back-up, third party vendor management, leasing, licensing, network administration and more  – you’re busy enough, so leave the dull stuff to the experts.


As with any aspect of IT services, we can deliver as much or as little as you ask us to. For many clients, however, security is an area where they would simply prefer us to deliver an overall solution as a managed service. The exact components are always bespoke depending on your specific needs, but typically they include managed firewalls, endpoint & cloud web security to ensure you have a holistic solution which provides maximum peace-of-mind.


Any modern business that takes communication and productivity seriously needs a solution that is considered, appropriate, technically robust & commercially credible. Fortunately, Assembly have years of experience in scoping, designing & deploying hundreds of managed connectivity solutions for clients of all shapes & sizes across every imaginable industry. The exact scope, scale & nature of our bespoke managed connectivity services varies with each client, so get in touch with one of our connectivity team to discuss your specific requirements.


Lots of our customers have numerous contracts & services in place with various suppliers & managing them all can be, quite frankly, a pain in the proverbial. Assembly can take over the day-to-day management of all of these, providing you with not only a single point of contact for any issue but also reduction in management & administration overheads.


Our managed support services deliver over-and-above the basic service desk support most companies provide. Patch Management is an integral part of this and our team deploys patches and updates to servers on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis as per the clients agreed patch management schedule and server agreement. To ensure a healthy IT environment, regular scheduled maintenance is simply essential and represents a core component of our service. Assembly provides a robust scheduled maintenance program to ensure that critical patches and updates are applied.  Other routine tasks are automated and scheduled by our system including the clearing of log files, recurring reboots and service restarts.



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