There are enough horror stories involving IT security breaches out there already, so we’re going to assume you already know that IT security is important.

What you may not know, however, is exactly what level of security you need. Endpoint security or cloud-based? How secure are your staff’s mobile devices? What level of encryption should your data have? At Assembly, we have a team of experts that can take the mystery out of IT security. We work with our clients to fully understand their business before we make any recommendations, meaning that the solution you receive is correctly aligned to your needs, and managed by CRB-vetted professionals using industry accredited processes and policies.


As your staff and infrastructure become more widely distributed, you need a security solution that protects your network and users wherever they are. The new guy that has his own iPhone, the Sales Manager accessing her emails from the home PC or logging or viewing sales reports on the family iPad – these devices all need to be secure; they all need to be controlled by the same policies as you have in the office and they all need to be seamlessly connected with your business infrastructure. We can do that.


Assembly can provide a managed AV service as a component of our managed security package, providing robust security for servers, PCs and laptops.​ Our team will deploy and manage antivirus across your environment, ensuring that definitions files are regularly updated, and any potential infections are identified, isolated and destroyed. 


A firewall acts as an armed guard at the perimeter of your network, protecting against unauthorised access and mitigating the risk of intrusion, data loss and system infection whilst still providing the ability to communicate and collaborate with trusted external parties. Our managed firewall services give you the added peace of mind that comes from knowing you have best-in-class hardware that is optimally configured, is  continually monitored & routinely stress-tested by our dedicated team. In addition, by opting for a managed, rather than a purchased firewall, you are able to ensure you’re protected by the most current iteration of the hardware and the most recent updates at all times. What’s more, we provide the firewall and replace it when it nears end-of-life, meaning that you have no capital expenditure costs whatsoever.


As more companies look to leverage the flexibility & cost-savings of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, the need to incorporate numerous staff laptops, tablets & smartphones into a robust corporate security policy has become increasingly important. Assembly’s Mobile Device Management services define & deploy an agreed set of policies & protocols with automated compliance features that can segregate your company’s network access, applications & data on your team’s devices, delivering an elegant solution that allows the business agility of BYOD to function effectively without compromising device, user, application or network security.



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