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We help drive impact and strengthen your brand’s competitive advantage through technology-as-a-service_

With technology transforming at a blistering pace, utilising strategic and flexible solutions is critical to staying ahead of the competition and growing your business.

Assembly’s technology-as-a-service model is a comprehensive, flexible solution that bundles hardware, software and services into a single subscription price.

Best of all, you can scale up or down throughout the course of the contract term – allowing you to adjust to the changing business conditions.

This offering combines Assembly’s unmatched, unique expertise and specialised services with our operational and logistical strength.

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The world of data, IT & communications is rapidly changing. We provide solutions that are flexible, scalable and designed for the most demanding sectors.

Today’s leaders are expected to reduce costs, increase productivity, drive innovation and help the organisation identify and pursue new business opportunities.

To thrive in today’s increasingly complex and challenging business environment requires a client-focused IT culture; moving organisations from order takers to trusted business partners. Using IT’s value to manage projects and lead change with confidence.

We understand SME’s and we understand that time is money. Many a small business owner has said – “There must be an easier way?” Thanks to new and innovative technology solutions there is.

As organisations move workloads to the Cloud, today’s technology architecture requires an integrated approach to reducing risk. Our managed service solutions are modular, offering flexibility to accommodate changing needs, with predictable monthly costs.

There is no good reason to delay getting to grips with the cloud, IT security, data management and compliance. Research shows that companies that fail to embrace digital transformation will no longer be competitive.

This is what we call digital trust_

This is the most exciting time in the last 30 years of technology. The degree to which organisations harness the power of technology will determine the winners and losers in the digital economy.

Business today is digital. Leaders who recognise that safety, security, reliability, privacy and data ethics are the five defining strategic assets of the digital age are those who will create distinctive organisations with enduring value.

If the lifeblood of the digital economy is data, at its heart is digital trust – the level of confidence in people, processes, and technology to build a secure digital world.

We are here to help the SMB innovate, meet these disruptive challenges head on – and win.

We also have a huge determination to change the culture of people & business.

We encourage SME’s to review vendors, partners and providers, to ask about the steps they’re taking towards the environment, and partner with companies that share their goals.

Technology can help everyone, everywhere build a more sustainable future, by prioritising the adoption of technologies with built-in features for sustainability, including; remote working & collaboration tools, cloud services, and next-generation data-centres that all reduce the environmental impact of business.

Creating digital advantage_

The future is arriving quickly. Take action now to create your own digital advantage.

Talk to one of our specialists today to learn more about our capabilities; how we're bringing people, business, and technology together; and what this means for you.


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