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Knowing you need to invest in a new infrastructure, realising that your CRM is out of date, or growing tired of managing dozens of disparate service providers are all legitimate concerns for any business.

But acknowledging the need for change and knowing the best route to achieving that change are two very different things.

Our consultancy & project services are designed to enable you to make the right decisions at the right time. Ensuring that your IT choices are perfectly aligned to your commercial and operational objectives, giving you the ability to plan for the future with confidence.

We also provide design and installation services for comms and server rooms, data centres, cabling, and infrastructure.

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Totally tech focused – certified Microsoft, CISCO, HP & AWS partner

Office moves

We provide specialist IT relocation services to help take the hassle out of moving to new premises. We’re experts at making office moves easy, taking full responsibility for auditing, planning and move your IT systems to your new office. We even have partners who can manage the non-IT aspects as well.

All you’ll need to do is turn up and start work – we’ll handle the rest of it.

Microsoft Teams – deployment and training

We can help you deploy Microsoft Teams, providing your organisation with the end-to-end design, planning, delivery and adoption support to successfully rollout a unified and collaboration-based digital workspace in your business.

SharePoint migration

SharePoint provides tools for sharing documents and data across multiple sites in your company’s network. Typically deployed as a series of intranet sites, SharePoint lets teams control their own security, workgroups, documents, and data. We’ve helped organisations from across the planet migrate data and content from everything from file shares and SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online.

Cloud migration

Moving to the cloud is, for most companies, a great decision. It brings commercial agility & operational flexibility as well as reducing costs.

So why hasn’t everybody done it yet? Often, it’s because the perceived headache of transition is simply too big to consider. Our team have a huge amount of experience in large & small cloud migration projects, from bakers to fund managers and from full infrastructure projects to VoIP migrations.

We make it simple, painless and aim for 0% downtime:
  • Save time and stress getting on board the experts right when you need them.
  • Tap into our Microsoft, CISCO, HP, AWS and other partnership expertise.
  • Hire us for short term engagements with no strings attached or keep us on as long-term knowledgeable partners for further consulting, support or development projects.
  • Gain an expert opinion and access to the rest of our team and MD, Peter Smith’s years of experience.
  • Specialists with knowledge across the Microsoft enterprise stack who can advise on the correct technology to use and how best to proceed whether its on-premises, hybrid or cloud.

There is no good reason to delay getting to grips with the cloud, IT security, data management and compliance. Research shows that companies that fail to embrace digital transformation will no longer be competitive.

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