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Bonded Cellular – the next level in mobile broadcasting

Streaming video from point A to point B has never been easier than it is today. Using just an Internet connection, PC/smartphone, and even some basic cameras you can go live with just a few clicks. And since most small forms of live streaming are done on handsets with a single LTE connection or at home with a stable hardwired source, live streaming has been pretty straightforward.

But when it comes to major event broadcasting and remote-location publishing, a single Internet connection just won’t cut it. And when big clients and reputations are breathing down your neck, the last thing you want is a botched connection.

So what do live media producers use to get the job done?

Although streaming video has never been easier, a simple internet connection isn’t reliable for major event broadcasting, remote-location publishing, and up-to-the-minute information sharing. Cellular Network Bonding provides increased throughput and signal resiliency, enabling you to transmit live streams without the risk.

With cellular network bonding, Assembly’s module combines several 3G/4G/LTE modems into a single, robust Internet connection for deploying the live video.

Broadcast Live from anywhere with a cellular video uplink solution

Bonded Cellular enables a shift in live video acquisition away from expensive satellite transmission, delivering a cost-effective cellular alternative that offers resilient broadcast-quality video uplink while enhancing freedom of mobility in the field for all live broadcast media outlets.

Major Social Media Messaging App turns to Assembly

Social media messaging apps are arguably amongst today’s biggest platforms. They have gained immense popularity, dominating social media mainly via mobile devices. Social apps/networking are one of the most popular digital activities worldwide and it is no surprise that penetration across all regions is constantly increasing.

Global reach of the internet and social media platforms in 2021 hit 5.112 billion mobile phone users worldwide (up 2% year-on-year), 4.388 billion internet users worldwide (up 9.1% year-on-year)), and 3.484 billion social media users worldwide (up 9% year-on-year).

Astonishingly, out of the total world population of 7.715 billion, more than half of people use some form of social media platform.

Most of social media’s global growth is driven by the increasing usage of mobile devices. It is an integral part of daily internet usage, with on average, internet users spending 144 minutes per day on social media and messaging apps.

In the midst of the app revolution and the growing presence of cellular communication, our client did not have to make the transition to mobile in the way other social media networks had to do, distinguishing its app from compeititors, which typically have blended and blurred their different varieties of content.

Our client was seeking to upgrade their transmission capabilities for a global content delivery project. With the competitive landscape changing rapidly, our client was also looking for a digital initiative that would help differentiate their current and future business needs.

A sum greater than its parts

With the increased need for cellular bandwidth, many industries are capitalising on using cellular bonding products, including:

  • Video production for delivering live news events, weather, and traffic reports
  • Security guards that receive video transmission from remote security cameras
  • First responders and medical teams relaying critical information
  • Transportation industries offering Wi-Fi on trains and buses
  • Farmers using data links for crop sensors
  • Social Media / Live producers for live-video streaming

When the economy is a challenge, this social media app company recognised the need for a tech team partner that could handle the most critical and complex problems, reducing risk and improving outputs.

Assembly’s ‘bonded module’ offered a highly customisable, portable solution (it fits into a small case!) which suits workflows both large and small.

Why do I need Bonded Cellular?

If your business relies on video transmission through wireless connections, you need bonded cellular products. With superior connectivity and cost savings, cellular bonding provides your business with more efficient live-video streaming services so that you can deliver information to your team, employees, and customers.

Bonded Cellular products save you money

Broadcasting live on location is expensive, costing thousands of pounds for bandwidth, satellites, and ENG trucks. No matter how much money you invest in hard-wired solutions, current networks are unstable due to the amount of other users, interference, and clutter on the same line.

With bonded cellular wireless video solutions, you have a low-cost alternative that delivers broadcast-quality video from congested and remote locations. By using an agile workflow and several bonded connections, your stream can take advantage of the carrier with the strongest connectivity, avoiding others that can’t maintain stability.

Bringing people, business, and technology together represents a vision of how Assembly can add value across all of the technology dimensions; setting bold targets for performance in delivering current and future IT needs through services, solutions, training and process improvement.

Talk to one of our team today to learn more about our mobile capabilities; how we’re bringing people, business and technology together; and what this means for you.