Our people

We believe in a healthy, well-motivated workforce_

Our people have decades of experience in delivering technology solutions at the highest level, and an enviable track record collaborating with customers across all sectors, both in the UK & internationally.

Assembly has helped to create high performing, productive, and sustainable environments thanks to the tenacity, commitment, blood, sweat and tears that has been invested in the business by its workforce.

Assembly’s team all share the same goal of helping to make our customers’ lives easier by delivering world-class technology services.

We actively seek to train, develop, reward, and recognise our employees for the exceptional contributions they make. They are, after all, what make us different.

Busy office with PCs on desks.

Assembly also seeks to promote wellbeing through programmes designed to improve or maintain physical and mental health.

We strongly believe that a healthy, well-motivated workforce promotes a productive and effective solution for our people and, ultimately, for our customers.

Creating digital advantage_

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