Assembly Project One banner.
Assembly Project One banner.

One, integrated solution to deliver complete IT support & cybersecurity

Striking a balance between IT service & IT support, security and simplicity, Project One has been carefully crafted and developed to give your business a competitive digital advantage.

Incorporating the most advanced Technology-as-a-Service innovations, Project One includes:

24/7 Helpdesk
Network administration
Patch automation
3rd party management

Microsoft 365 / Licensing
Vulnerability assessments
Ransomware protection
Backup & continuity
Disaster recovery
URL FIltering

Assembly Project One helps protect people & business with a comprehensive suite of integrated intelligent technology solutions.

With its full-stack of monitoring, backup, anti-malware and comprehensive endpoint management, Project One combats advanced network threats with a unique integration of protection technologies. While simplifying daily IT operations, endpoint deployments & management, and reporting.

The traditional approach of using a patchwork of protection tools – for backup, patch automation, antimalware, configuration management, and more – is complex, expensive, and ineffective.

Project One offers a revolutionary approach by integrating data protection with cybersecurity. This meshed system eliminates complexity challenges, delivers better resilience, and maximises efficiency by saving time and money.

Now you can manage all your critical IT aspects from a single pane of glass

Best-of-breed protection

Every day, protecting your organisation, users and systems gets harder. The value and volume of your data, systems and applications grow constantly. Inspiring cyber-criminals to create more sophisticated and damaging malware, which is why 50% of companies report being targeted by a cyberattack at least once a week.

And with attacks increasing 400+% since the start of the pandemic as hackers try to exploit countless new remote workers, nearly 72% of companies have seen their IT costs increase.


  • Easily manage all protection aspects via a single pane of glass
  • Eliminate performance and compatibility issues
  • Quickly and easily identify and fix issues
  • Save time and hassle associated with managing multiple vendors


  • Improve productivity & cut unnecessary administrative time
  • Avoid new expenses
  • Manage all cyber protections aspects with ease
  • Reduce TCO (total cost of ownership)


  • Proactively avoid costly downtime
  • Keep your systems up and running
  • Respond to incidents quickly and efficiently
  • Block ransomware attacks before they happen
  • Allow employees to work safely
  • Inspire customer confidence and trust

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Assembly’s Project One underpins digital risk. With our extensive global experience and insight across a range of industries and sectors, we’re working hard to modernise SME digital transformation, building long-lasting partnerships along the way.

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