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We are delighted to announce that Assembly Managed Services has been chosen as a partner for a technology platform that sits beside the SDWAN/MPLS space.


Introducing iQuila 


iQuila has developed a solution to address the issues that affects voice and data performance associated with “Local Area Network” over ‘Wide Area Network’. Their solution allows individuals worldwide to connect devices across the globe in a manner that’s as secure as directly connected devices in the same room.

The iQuila Network Engine is a software-defined network (SDN) overlay. This software effortlessly integrates with current network infrastructures and necessitates minimal operating or configuration. We can tailor this service to your needs. Some of the features include: full 802.1Q VLANs, omnidirectional data transfer, ethernet manipulation and packet filtering.

iQuila’s Virtual Extended Network (VEN) is a pioneering SDN solution, providing remote users with an unrivalled and smooth full Layer 2 networking experience. This innovative technology ensures that users feel as though they have never left their office, classroom or wherever their normal work environment may be.


Why iQuila and not VPN or SD WAN?


Site / Office Benefits

  • Share security protocols and safeguards with remote users outside of the office, allowing for enhanced collaboration and protection.
  • Deployable as hardware or software only solutions, or a mix of both.
  • Offers superior resilient connectivity compared to a VPN.
  • Allows offices to connect together and share resources.
  • Self-healing connection/automatic re-connection.
  • Enhances quality of low performing physical connections, eliminating inherent packet loss and jitter in connections such as satellite data comms.

People Benefits

  • As soon as you power up your laptop, iQuila ensures a seamless, always-on connection that is immediately established.
  • Utilises bandwidth optimisation techniques to prioritise quality and resilience, eliminating issues like dropouts during Teams calls or VOIP calls.
  • Goes beyond traditional VPNs by providing comprehensive security for both the endpoint connection and the device itself.
  • Fully Integrate and secure your hybrid workers.
  • A Multi Stream connection that is over 100 times more robust than a traditional VPN.

Network Benefits

  • Simplify your network architecture.
  • Extend centralised controls seamlessly across your entire Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • Leverage the power of AI for automatic load balancing and network management.
  • Instantaneous failover. No waiting for a failover line to kick in.
  • No longer requires expensive multiprotocol label switching (MPLS).
  • Transition from TCP/IP to iQuila VEN protocol.

Post Installation Benefits

  • Seamlessly integrate remote users with full security and access as required.
  • Effortlessly deploy to new locations with a simple click of a button.
  • Scale your network infrastructure as needed with unmatched flexibility and ease.


Tell us about your project. 

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