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In the 3rd part of our ‘ANYWHERE WORKER’ blog series we look at the TECHNOLOGY.

At the heart of successful flexible work is the ability to connect and communicate without boundaries. The widescale adoption of video conferencing and remote technologies in recent years has well-prepared companies for a shift towards a flexible work model for their business.

While there isn’t a big technology gap to bridge, consolidating your communications tools now can bring huge cost-savings, IT management efficiencies, and security benefits in the future. Choosing a single vendor that can make it simple to meet each employee’s unique collaboration needs will set companies up for success.

This is where Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) platforms come into play.

A UCC platform is a complete set of enterprise-grade tools assembled under one interface and managed through a ‘single pane of glass’. It includes a variety of communication and collaboration tools – including telephony, video and web conferencing, text messaging/SMS and chat.

When business teams need to stay connected and share information in real-time across different operating systems, devices – and even continents – UCC is often the only technology flexible and powerful enough to get the job done.

How does the right UCC solution actually support a remote or flexible workforce?

Whether teams are collaborating from their desktops or mobile devices, whether they‘re in the same office or at opposite ends of the world, and whether an instant message will suffice or the conversation demands a video meeting — the right UCC platform has what your teams need.

Which communication tools should you leverage, and in what situations?

Choose your mediums carefully. There are a lot at your disposal: email, chat, video conferencing, phone, text, etc. But how do you know what’s appropriate? A good rule of thumb is to consider the topic’s complexity, length, time-sensitivity, emotional delicacy, and level of collaboration required.

Your primary methods must strengthen employee engagement by diminishing the feeling of isolation.

Email – Straightforward, brief, neutral, and evergreen information that doesn’t require timely responses, collaboration or discussion.

Instant Message/Chat – To encourage socialising and for quick Q&As, realtime collaboration, and sharing time-sensitive information and announcements.

Video Conferencing – Use video to improve communication, connect remote employees, explain complicated information, and/or hold a collaborative meeting.

Phone – When video is not a viable option, use the phone to communicate one on-one for information that’s sensitive, complicated or lengthy.

Our technologies at a glance

  • Feature-rich unified communications.
  • Enterprise-grade PBX with over 100 telephony features that can be deployed from anywhere.
  • Phones and meetings combined. A single application for cloud VoIP, screen sharing, video conferencing and more.
  • Admin center. One place for full control, including provisioning, single sign-on, reporting, visual dial plan editor, calling schedules and analytics.
  • Industry-leading integrations. Customise your experience by choosing hardware for truly best-in-class meetings.
  • Simplified setup. Create online events in minutes with our templates and
    unique webinar modes to fit every need.
  • Quality engagement. Video, polls, Q&A and other interactive features to keep audiences engaged.
  • Rich analytics. Instant insights on registrants, attendees, attendee behaviour and more.
  • Advanced support centre features to manage high call volumes and overall performance such as intelligent call routing and effectiveness dashboards.
  • Robust reporting and real time analytics give you an in-depth look at your information to improve customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day, when you have a truly exceptional portfolio of solutions that seamlessly empowers a global workforce, it won’t matter where employees are getting their work done.

In our next blog we take a closer look into the CULTURE.

Talk to one of our specialists today to learn more about our remote working capabilities; how we’re bringing people, business and technology together; and what this means for you.