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Assembly Managed Services located in Westminster is in an ideal place to provide IT solutions to businesses in London. Our engineers have extensive experience and have implemented our services in a variety of industries.

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Why you should choose Assembly

Assembly offers a range of technology services, including implementation and customisation, training and support, consultancy and planning. Assembly delivers solutions in a range of sectors, both in the UK & internationally. The company has a team of highly skilled people with years of experience in working with customers to improve their business through IT services.

It’s always a stressful process to put your company’s future in someone else’s hands. Our success to date has been down to our own skills and experience, so letting go of that level of control to Assembly was culturally quite difficult. Fortunately, we had chosen the perfect partner as not only did they deliver exactly what we needed on time and on budget but they also kept us completely involved at every stage, which was hugely reassuring.  Jim Chaplin, Global CEO, SRI

Our awards

Since 2016, The Assembly team has received recognition through various awards for its contributions to the digital world. The company’s consistent performance and world-class customer service have established it as a leading IT solutions provider in London & the whole of the United Kingdom.

Our stand-out awards from over the years:



managed service solution of the year



If you are concerned about the impact of technology on your business, please give us a call. We will be happy to provide you with a cost-effective solution that will allow you to remain competitive in your marketplace.

Telephone – 020 3795 6880