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About us

As the pace of technology advances, it’s important to have access to a comprehensive solution that can grow and change with your business. Assembly’s technology-as-a-service model offers everything you need in one flexible package. We’ll supply the latest hardware, software and services all at a single price. We can also scale up or down throughout the course of your contract term to ensure your IT needs are always met, no matter what happens in your business environment.

If you’re struggling with the complex world of IT, feel free to have a chat with our team on 020 3795 6880. We will explain how we can create a simplified IT strategy bespoke to your organisation. We are based in the heart of London, the perfect place to outsource our services all across the UK & Europe.

The benefits that come with using a telecommunication service

The benefits of telecommunication in business extend beyond increased productivity, employee satisfaction and cost savings. Telecommunication enables organisations to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. In the twenty-first century, telecommunications has expanded to include high-speed internet, messaging and more. New technologies such as 5G are being implemented and these innovations will continue to change the way people communicate in their lives.

A well-implemented telecommunications plan will leave you with the following:

  • Improved employee flexibility
  • A better overall service for customers
  • Global collaboration

Remote work

In the future, it’s looking likely that more companies may have a large number of remote workers due to the costs of office renting & the simplicity of your staff being at home. As a result, it is important to have communication platforms in place that can work with employees who are not in the same place. The older generation tends to consider this to be a bad thing because they always have to be online. But the younger generation considers it useful to have these tools because it allows them to work practically and efficiently anywhere they feel necessary.

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