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2020 was the year remote working went from possible to fundamental.

We’ve analysed the current mobile landscape and are helping IT leaders stay 2-steps-ahead with their ‘cellular estate’, as SME’s continue adapting to keep their teams connected and protected in 2021.

If there’s one thing our experience with IT projects has taught us, it’s that the proliferation of connected devices is showing no signs of slowing.

In 2020, many organisations were forced to transition their business practices to a fully remote model while maintaining productivity levels. As a result IT policy is being revised to accommodate more devices, more networks, and more apps in more places than ever before.

Every organisation wants to expedite processes, reduce costs and bolster their staff. And in today’s modern digital world these objectives are largely attainable, but can come with some unwanted side effects. With all the devices an organisation uses to achieve its business goals, things can occasionally get lost in the shuffle.

The most successful IT operations focus on enabling users while they are away from the office. This means being more agile and flexible with your mobile strategy to accommodate the varying needs of a dispersed organisation.

Organisations of all sizes are having to manage and secure an increasing number of mobile endpoints. Lack of inventory and tighter budgets mean BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) models are being adopted to fill the void.

You’re in good company

Assembly provides practical mobile recommendations for IT teams looking to prioritise productivity, whilst reducing support costs and decreasing security risks.

The modern workforce is a mobile one, and while businesses need to find the right tools for the job today, Assembly (and other industry experts) believe the key architecture model for innovative companies should be centred on the first important tool – your cellular estate.

“IT team leaders who integrate business mobile into their IT strategy are more effective with compliance, productivity & resilience.” James Reilly, Technical Director.

Our Mobile Services Review provides management and support for your fleet of business mobiles assigned to employees, harmoniously:

  • The latest & bespoke tariffs for business
  • 24/7 Service & Support – our customers come for the price and stay for the service, it’s the heart of everything we do
  • All in one place – no need to manage multiple complexities such as maintenance, security, scalability and resilience
  • Time for a new handset? A choice of the latest hardware / end-points / End-user devices
  • SIM-only packages. Already have the handsets? No problem.
  • Network upgrades or moves – we partner with the leading networks
  • 4G Mobile Broadband backup / fail-over connection – enterprise grade wireless 4G connection & routers suitable for workers in the field and as a reliable failover in the office or fixed-branch sites

Every business needs an edge, especially in today’s environment. The concept of a physical office or workplace as a business hub of productivity is quickly being replaced by the virtual or mobile workspace, enabling users to connect to business critical data and applications anytime, anywhere and on any device.

We have considerable experience in delivering mobile communications technology which helps businesses achieve a dynamic work environment and create an empowered agile workforce.

Why choose the Assembly mobile platform?

  • Audit & review of existing plan and costs
  • Our independent approach means we can tailor solutions across a wide range of providers
  • Finding and negotiating the best tariff options
  • Continuous review of your solution to ensure it is cost effective and meets your changing business needs
  • Advice on mobile threat defence integrations – to protect corporate resources and ensure device compliance policies
  • A single point of contact – account managed by our specialist team

Talk to one of our specialists today to learn more about our remote working capabilities; how we’re bringing people, business and technology together; and what this means for you.