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Limiting our footprint

Cycling regularly is a source of well-being. What’s more, it also contributes to improving air quality and reducing environmental risks. Promoting a sustainable future, cycling is a banner under which we have placed our C.S.R approach, intended to generate a positive imprint.

Sustainable mobility

The Tour de France is a cycling monument, committed to promoting mobility by bicycle. Like Assembly it wishes to generate a positive impact by inspiring all those who can to make cycling a part of their every day life.

Today, while the riders (and viewers) take a rest day from all the action, take a read of our latest international sports recruitment case study:

For an international sports recruitment company with 100 staff across 4 continents (including London, NY, LA, Beijing, Melbourne, Singapore, Lausanne, and Munich) the Internet is an essential tool and revenue source. Recruiters rely almost solely on the Web to research potential applicants, arrange interviews and exchange confidential registration information.

As part of a global desktop refresh, SRI Executive wanted to look at upgrading the security of their data. Maintaining a level of flexibility was also essential to ensure they remained agile in the years to come.

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