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As a Microsoft Partner there’s no one better to introduce you to Microsoft Teams. We are experts in allowing simple communication between team members and making your digital experience that much easier.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a business-oriented cloud collaboration application that is part of the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suite. The platform enables users to message, call, schedule video conferences, share files and more. Microsoft Teams competes against Slack, Cisco WebEx and Google Workspace. It enables local and remote workers to collaborate on content in real time across different devices, including laptops and mobiles. Microsoft Teams integrates with other Microsoft business applications, including Exchange, PowerPoint and SharePoint.

Where does Assembly come into play?

We can help you deploy Microsoft Teams. Our end-to-end design and deployment solution includes planning and adoption support. Assembly’s Hosted Telephony platform can be integrated into Microsoft Teams, which enables businesses to make and receive calls from within the Microsoft Teams chat application from anywhere in the world. It also allows businesses to call non-Microsoft Teams users and provides the company with reliable and cost-effective calling bundles. Making a powerful collaboration tool, all within one application.

Why did Microsoft Teams become so popular within the world of business?

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck the globe there was a lot of head scratching to be done for employers. The idea of staying in the office was becoming less likely as time went on. Eventually government officials encouraged staff to work from home where possible. This is when the jump to Microsoft Teams really caught on. In 2019 (the start of the pandemic), annually 20 million people were using Microsoft Teams. Now today post pandemic there are over 270 million people enjoying the benefits of the application.

Those being:

  • Improved collaboration and communication, all in one place
  • Fewer emails
  • Stay connected, anytime, anywhere
  • No need for in person meetings

Talk to one of our specialists today to learn how our remote working capabilities can help improve collaboration and increase efficiency at your organisation.

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