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In today’s modern age you’re never far away from a cyber security breach. On estimate there are around 2,200 cyber attacks per day. Our aim at Assembly Managed Services is to make sure you never make that list. Assembly’s consultative approach ensures that the security and privacy aspects of your data assets and IT projects are always protected. Small business is big business for hackers. Our portfolio consists of best-in-class products and services to eliminate all your security concerns.

Our cyber security services:

Endpoint security – Assembly can provide a managed AV service as a component of our managed security package, providing robust security for servers, PCs and laptops. Our team will monitor your environment, deploying antivirus software where needed. We will also regularly update files and any potential infections will be identified and destroyed.

Mobile device management – Assembly’s mobile device management services define & deploy an agreed set of policies & protocols with automated compliance features that can segregate your company’s network access. This is the perfect service for companies who encourage BYOD, as you won’t compromise device, user, application or network security.

Managed firewalls – Our managed firewall services give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the best-in-class hardware. If you opt in for a ‘managed’ over a ‘purchased’ firewall you’re protected by the most current iteration. Our team will also provide the firewall and replace it when the time comes.

Cybersecurity awareness training – We typically find that people are the weakest link in the cyber security chain. Assembly help by educating employees and associates to slightly change the way they behave while using their devices. You may not realise but you can stop hackers in their tracks by just staying alert.

Web Security – Assembly’s web protect solution provides control over how employees use the Internet. It provides easy-to-use tools to create, enforce and monitor company web usage policies. Using the most accurate categorisation databases, web filtering helps manage the authority’s Internet traffic by protecting the network and staff from undesirable web content.

Email Security – Assembly’s email security services provides advanced protection against threats. The system uses sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines and the latest threat intelligence to stop malware, spear-phishing and zero-day attacks. It provides 100% malware protection and email spam check technology that provides 99% protection against spam.

Our mail archiving solutions offer secure, perpetual storage and centralised policy management tools for easier archiving of mail. Fast email search tools enable employees to find mail within seconds. Administrators can easily meet compliance requirements with support for e-discovery and litigation hold requests.

Email continuity services enable uninterrupted access to live emails, historic emails and attachments, even when the email server is down.

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