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For organisations that are dependent on their digital communication tools, StarLeaf Standby keeps you online 24/7.

Today’s enterprises depend on real-time digital communications. This presents a serious risk should those services become unavailable. Businesses need an insurance policy to ensure availability of communications so they can carry out day-to-day operations and respond effectively to adverse events and incidents. StarLeaf Standby delivers a suite of failover tools that can be activated instantly and supports the continuity and operational resilience of businesses.

Meetings Failover

Your scheduled meetings are instantly and automatically recreated by StarLeaf Standby, no matter what meeting platform you are using for your meetings whether that be teams, zoom etc.

Emergency Broadcast Messaging

Communicate with other users instantly with emergency SMS messages sent via StarLeaf Standby. This will allow you to let participants of the meeting know an incident has occurred or an outage is in progress and therefore provide the next steps and reassurance.

Instant Conference Bridge

Instantly send an SMS to your incident response team with details of an emergency conference call they can dial to get response and recovery processes started.

Offline Active Directory Snapshots and Browsing

StarLeaf Standby take automatic snapshots so that admins and users can still browse directory information, such as contact details. This enables everybody to be able to find the contact details for the people they need to communicate with during any outage.

Trusted Platform

Standby, powered by StarLeaf is a global independent communications platform serving millions of users safely and securely. StarLeaf is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and delivers a unique 99.99% service level uptime guarantee.

To find out more about StarLeaf Standby and what it can do to benefit your company please contact us today on +44 (0)20 3795 6880 to speak to one of our experts.