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One, integrated solution to deliver complete IT support & security.


“Digital leaders outperform in every industry, however digital projects can be complicated. Assembly’s Project One makes things easier and has helped us create a digital advantage.”
James Nichols, Finance Director, SRI Executive

Assembly’s Project One is a layered IT support system that creates a digital advantage by bringing technology, changemakers, engineers and partners together to work in collaboration and help businesses excel in what they do.

Now that SME’s have been catapulted into the digital age, regardless of the industry, we are on the verge of a new era of work in which IT teams will play a much greater role.

Many organisations, however, are supported by a “patchwork” of technologies that are not lean, optimised, connected, clean or explicit.

At the same time, the acceleration of digital business requires efficiency, speed and democratisation. Organisations that don’t focus on efficiency, efficacy and agility will be left behind.

Power to the modern, agile enterprise

The value and volume of your data, systems and applications grow constantly. And as businesses move to anywhere operations, protecting your organisation, users and systems gets harder.

But too many still rely on a frustrating mixed-bag of legacy backup and security solutions to protect their data, devices and infrastructure that’s expensive and complicates licensing, deployments and training. It also creates security gaps because those solutions aren’t integrated.

Organisations that have modernisd their IT stack by integrating infrastructure, data protection and cybersecurity report lower costs, greater security, and improved productivity from their teams.

Project One does all the heavy lifting – an agile, unified approach, that enhances your digital capabilities, improves the customer experience, and eliminates the gaps.

A rock-solid, smooth, dependable backdrop of business-critical components that allow you and your team to focus on what you do best:

Eliminate complexity

By managing everything in a ‘single pane of glass’, you eliminate complexity while improving your IT posture.

Decrease risk

Stay ahead of the modern threats in our increasingly wired society. Avoid downtime and increase productivity.

Greater automation

Streamlined management saves time and money. Ai-enhanced integration makes data protection and cybersecurity easy and effective.

Schedule a Free Trial*

Project One underpins todays digital business. With our extensive global experience and insight across a range of industries and sectors, we’re working hard to modernise digital transformation, creating digital advantage along the way. Let’s talk real change.

*our free trial includes proactive services & cyberprotect.