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Here at Assembly Managed Services we are on a mission to supply our easy-to-understand IT solutions to companies worldwide.

What sets Assembly Managed apart from the rest?

We pride ourselves on our personal approach given to different customer types, examples being from France’s largest independent estate agents to a full-service Legal 500 law firm. Our specialist team will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have and are available for assistance if you run into an issue.

Putting our years of experience to use, we have carefully developed a service model that will allow our clients to create a digital advantage within their field.

Business continuity

Business continuity is one of our many services. The key behind a successful business is being there for your customers whenever they may need you. That’s why it’s vital to have a disaster recovery solution for when an issue occurs. This solution will help you maintain essential functions while a disaster is occurring or afterwards.

Putting you in safe hands

We agree one size doesn’t fit all and the scale of your business continuity plan depends solely on you. How critical is your system data? How fast would certain components need to be restored? These are examples of a couple of questions we will ask to grasp the scale of your case.

What we can restore

File loss – loss of individual files through server error, deletion, incorrect data loaded.

System loss – loss of server due to fire, flood, theft, hardware failure.

Displacement – loss of office infrastructure.

Back up

We are always one step ahead in the labyrinth of IT. We back up servers every night to ensure your data is restorable. This is in the case of any event where you may lose a server due to a hardware failure. Within 4 hours our team will have assessed the damaged and will aim to recover and transfer your server onto a new hardware platform. We can back up all data on the Microsoft 365 platform too, be it Email, SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive data.

Keep your business moving today with Assembly Managed – you never know when you’re next going to need an IT backup plan. Get in touch with our team today on 020 3795 6880.