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Situated in Westminster, London. Assembly Managed Services are located in an ideal place to provide our IT services all over the English capital to businesses who seek a new way of approaching their IT Management. We have extensive experience in delivering technology solutions, and our consultants have worked with clients both within the UK and internationally. Our Engineers have implemented our services to a variety of industries. From law to medical, the Assembly team will always help create a bespoke strategy for you to help optimise your company’s full potential.

Some of our key services

You can’t create a successful business overnight. It’s taken over a decade to get where we are today, supplying a range of services that have been crafted in aim to create the most dynamic managed services model ever.

Who are our partners?

Partnerships are at the heart of everything we do, our partnerships have offered a range of benefits for the business. These benefits include increased knowledge, expertise, and resources that can be used to make better products for the customer and reach a greater audience.

Some of our partners include:

Are you stressed about IT related issues? Give us a call we will happily provide you with a cost-effective solution which will allow your company to thrive within this competitive landscape.